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Logo GSR Gewindeschneidwerkzeuge Gustav Stursberg Remscheid

GSR Gustav Stursberg, your threading tool manufacturer in Germany.

The company GSR is a manufacturer of high quality threading tools. You can choose from the areas threading,drilling,sinking andmeasurement. We offer you a wide range of different application areas. The following tools are the most important.

Tools for external threads

In our assortment you will find round dies of all sizes for cutting external threads and die nuts for recutting the threads. Furthermore we also have suitable toolholders, die holders and adjustable tap wrenchs on offer.

Tools for internal threads

For cutting the internal thread you receive machine taps and hand taps. Machine taps are available in different versions for blind hole drillings and through hole drillings as well as for soft, medium-hard und hard materials. Hand taps are offered as two-or-three-piece sets with taper, plug and bottoming

Tools for thread repair

Our assortment also includes tools for thread repair. We offer you screw extractor sets or multi-part thread repair sets in all sizes.

Tool assortments in metal cassettes

Moreover we offer you a large tool assortment in metal cassettes. From small seven-piece sets to 110-piece sets – you will find the right set!


You can choose from our drilling assortment between twist drill, core hole drill, center drill, conical drill bit and step drill. Additionally you get the drills as a set in handy metal cassettes.

For more interesting information visit our GSR blog or our online shop. If you have any questions we are pleased to help you.

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