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Logo GSR Gewindeschneidwerkzeuge Gustav Stursberg Remscheid


The wide-ranging GSR assortment is subclassified into four product lines: tapping, drilling, countersinking and measuring. The traditional origin tapping represents the main product group of our assortment.

To enter a certain area please choose from the left menu. You can browse our catalogue comfortably online or download single product categories as PDF file.

Our new GSR catalogue offers you a large basic knowledge that is easily comprehensible. Additionally the whole GSR assortment is listed in a clear and well structured product overview which offers you all needed information in a spreadsheet. This area is continuously filled with additional information and product news. So you are welcome to revisit us from time to time.

Furthermore we offer you our proved product database TISOFT for a specific search. The extensive database is currently being optimized for usability – and we would be pleased to receive any suggestions from you.



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