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Tool holders

Adjustable tap wrenches and round die holders are summarized as toolholders. Hand taps can be mounted in adjustable tap wrenches. The square shank of the tap is fixed into the clamping jaw. As the clamping jaws are adjustable it’s possible to use taps with different square shank sizes. You can adjust the clamping jaws by turning one arm of the tap wrench. A leverage which simplifies the cutting by hand is created by the long arms of the tool.

Screw extractors can also be used in adjustable tap wrenches. Due to the construction of the tap wrench it’s easy to position the tap correctly. The construction details of adjustable tap wrenches have been known for more than 100 years and haven’t changed until now. Only the material has changed. Today the body material is zinc die-cast and not grey cast iron anymore.

On the other hand round die holders were unknown until the begin of the last century. External threads were cut with bevel or even die stocks which got unpopular and have been replaced by round dies. Round dies are put into the round die holder and fixed with 4 or 5 fixing screws. The body material is zinc die-cast.



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