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Logo GSR Gewindeschneidwerkzeuge Gustav Stursberg Remscheid

Precision is in the detail.
Since 1889.

The company Gustav Stursberg was founded in 1889. At the beginning rollforged taps and die stocks were produced. An independent sales department did not exist in those days. The exporters from Remscheid distributed the products labeled „GUSURE“ worldwide. Much later, in the 1970s a stand-alone sales department evolved slowly to serve the local and abroad wholesale and retail trade professionally.

Packaging solutions for the emerging field of the DIY market with its self-service have been developed. The product quality changed as well due to the changing time. As the tools were produced from silver steel in the past, the HSS material has got more and more importance. Nowadays the GSR taps and dies are from HSS material. Carbon steel, silver steel and alloyed steel have lost their significance in the German market.

GSR taps, twist drills, round dies and toolholders are manufactured to the highest quality standards in our own production.

At the same time the quality control is being improved. In particular we attach a great value to so-called soft factors like working conditions and pollution control, to bind the production areas to the compliance of minimum standards. GSR produce their tools according to the German industry standards. Correspondingly, the building techniques of the tools are defined exactly. The permanent quality control during the production process guarantees an unchanging high quality in all production areas home and abroad.


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